Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!

Today is Jon's 32nd Birthday. We love him so much. He is the best husband and daddy on the planet. He puts up with me... what more could I ask for. ;) Jon I love you so much. JT and I are so thankful for all that you do for us. We hope you have a fantabulous birthday!!!!!! Now we are off to Kolob to spend time with the fam. Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Our lawn is getting greener. We have the best landscaper in the world. Thanks Rams :) We have so much more to do outside, but at least the front yard looks presentable. I am having so much fun decorating and buying cute stuff.
Our living room. Next on the agenda (someday)... a plasma tv or at least something bigger. ;)
Dining room... and my piano will eventually be by the stairs. I can't wait to get it back.
Don't you love this fireplace? It is gas!!!! I am so excited for it to get a little cooler so we can try it. My dad started it up and it works great.
My bathroom. These are the colors for our bedroom also. Pics to come later. It has been so much fun being in our own house. JT loves it. He is a different kid since we moved in. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is not my baby anymore. I will post pics of peach days soon. He loved the horses at the parade.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a crappy day... literally!

So I am somewhat back to a normal life. Our house is mostly unpacked. No pictures on the walls yet and a few more boxes to unpack. I haven't even touched anything upstairs. It seems like everything is harder to do when you have a shadow. :) Jon got back safely last weekend from Canada and had a good time. I don't have pictures. Hopefully we will get some from his brothers and I can post them. So back to our crappy day. For the past few weeks we have been noticing that if we shower too long or when JT takes a bath the water will quit draining. We just thought something was probably stuck in the pipe and needed help dissolving. So Jon brought some heavy duty drain cleaner home from Scholzens and we used it on Friday night. Yesterday I put in a load of wash and towards the end of the cycle I kind of smelled sewer. I walk into my bathroom and the tub and toilet are filled with brown water and also in the other bathroom. I yelled at Jon that he "needed" to see this. lol So anyway... we go outside and there are 2 pipes sticking up out of the ground. I guess they are cleanouts or something. Jon popped the cap off the first one and holy smokes... we had Old Faithful in our driveway (it was horrible) That is just what you want all over... sewer water. So I went back inside because I couldn't stand the smell and Jon popped the cap off the second one that is right by our lawn. He came running in the house yelling that there was poop on our lawn. Can you imagine??? I just laughed because what else do you do? Imagine Jon out there with a shovel in hand scooping poop into a bag. LOL My dad came over with a snake and they couldn't do anything so $200 later and a visit from Robot Rooter and we are finally in business again. Come to find that whoever lived in the house before us put a sanitary napkin down the toilet and they don't dissolve. Probably the reason they put the warning on the box huh? We joked before the fix it guy came that we really feel like homeowners now. :) If you can deal with sewer water, you can deal with anything. ;) I will have to post pictures of JT later. We have some cute ones. He is becoming an independent little boy and finally passed the 20 lb mark. Pediasure is expensive, but it does its job.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


It has been a long long long week and very tiring. We had a wonderful youth conference. It was nice to get away from "the world" for awhile. My mom watched JT and Jon and I were able to spend 24 hours together with the youth. We went to Kolob and had a blast. I even went rapelling for the first time. So much fun. I didn't take my camera, but hopefully will get some pictures soon. Our house finally recorded on Friday so we were planning to start moving stuff in on Saturday. Come to find out the city turned off the power and it was HOT in there. :) So instead we finished out the weekend as a family just relaxing... which was what I needed because this week is killing me. We finally bought a fridge and after 3 nights of moving we are almost out of the townhome. Tonight we just have to get the misc stuff that I couldn't box up. You know the "crap" that we really dont' need. We seem to have a lot of that stuff. :) Thank you to my parents for being so awesome and watching JT every night for us. It has help a ton. Jon leaves tomorrow night after work. We are going to miss him, but the goal is to get the house in order by the time he comes home. We don't have internet yet and who knows when we will get it. Baja is being stupid. Anyway... I am tired and just sitting here at work trying to get everything done. I can't wait until we are settled. I don't like the in-between feeling. I will post pictures when the house looks good. Could be awhile so sit and relax :)