Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My life!

This is the picture text I got today at work.

These two are my life! I don't know if I could function without them.
So as we enter this holiday season I just want to say that I am so grateful for them and for everything in my life.

I have decided to focus this season on the things that I have instead of the things that I don't have. So here is to a little change. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11 Years!!!!!

Can you believe that we have been married for 11 years? We decided to take a hop skip and jump away to Vegas for the night. We went to the bodies exhibit at the Luxor and then ate at PF Changs. (Mmmmm)

So the bodies exhibit.. first I will just say that it was VERY interesting. I will probably never go back, but I am glad we saw it at least once.

The circulatory part of the exhibit was our favorite part. It is amazing just how many blood vessels and veins we have in our body. This is just a picture of the hand, but they had a full human body on display.

We checked into a cute little resort and played Yahtzee all night. It was so much fun to chill and just talk.

Between me working, both of us going to school, and JT wanting our constant attention we don't have much time to just talk. The next morning we decided to check out Bass Pro Shops. It was very cool. They had some amazing animals. My 2 favorites were the giraffe and lion.

When we were done at Bass Pro Shops we got a call from a car dealership we had been working with that they had a car we might like... so off we went to St George to look at it. We ended up getting the car and are so excited to have something new to drive. Overall it was an amazing anniversary trip. I couldn't ask for a better spouse. We have had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't give any of our trials away for a different life.

I am truly blessed!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog & Halloween

Ape & Sum... are you shocked? :) I actually have 2 more posts to do, but want to keep them separate.

About a month before Halloween our neighbors asked us if we wanted one of their puppies. I knew Jon probably wasn't interested since we already have 2 dogs, but I told him anyway. We went over that same day to look at them and fell in love with him. A few days before Halloween we were able to bring Ash home with us. So for now we have 3 dogs. Ahhhhh most of the time it is crazy, but I love watching JT play with them. He is so cute.

So Halloween this year was fun for the first half. We went to a little bit of our ward's trunk or treat and then went to my parents. For those of you who don't know my mom & dad bought a Fed-Ex route that Ramsey does. I really wanted to find a Fed-Ex uniform, but they don't make them for kids. I ended up with this. It was a huge hit! JT was having a blast and halfway around the parking lot he didn't want to do it anymore. Within 15 he had a fever and was so sick. We ended up going home and nursing his fever all night and the next day. A few days after that my sisters boys got the same thing. Stupid viruses!

I decided to throw something together last minute... crazy scientist or whatever! :)
It is fun to dress up

Since JT was sick Saturday night and half the day on Halloween... we decided once his fever broke and he was acting better to carve our pumpkin. He wasn't a very big fan of cleaning the pumpkin out if you can tell by his face, but it was fun to do as a family.

Sad to say this was the first pumpkin we have carved since JT was born. We are pathetic I know. It will definitely be something we do EVERY year now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Going Private!

It is time... and as much as I hate to do it we need to. So if you still want to read about our fun adventures or adoption stuff when I actually post... let me know. I will go back and get the emails from when I did this before, but let me know. Hope you all have a fun week! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our summer

So since we have been crazy busy with school, work, and life... I decided to update a bit about what we have been up to the past few months. Here is our Summer in pictures.

JT became a super hero with crazy hair.
Daddy decided it was time to shave it all off. Look at our handsome monkey.
We started remodeling our upstairs bathroom.
(It is still in progress, but almost complete)

Trips to Kolob
Blowing massive dandelions

JT's first time fishing. He picked out his own pole and had so much fun.

Family vacation to San Diego.
Riding the sky thing... notice his strained smile?
He was freaking out
Patiently waiting for Shamu.
Imperial Beach.
We fell in love with Coronado Island.
We will be going back there soon.
Still smiling after a long day at Sea World.

Along with all the fun we had we were also crazy enough to go to summer school full-time. By the way... I will never do that again!