Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our summer

So since we have been crazy busy with school, work, and life... I decided to update a bit about what we have been up to the past few months. Here is our Summer in pictures.

JT became a super hero with crazy hair.
Daddy decided it was time to shave it all off. Look at our handsome monkey.
We started remodeling our upstairs bathroom.
(It is still in progress, but almost complete)

Trips to Kolob
Blowing massive dandelions

JT's first time fishing. He picked out his own pole and had so much fun.

Family vacation to San Diego.
Riding the sky thing... notice his strained smile?
He was freaking out
Patiently waiting for Shamu.
Imperial Beach.
We fell in love with Coronado Island.
We will be going back there soon.
Still smiling after a long day at Sea World.

Along with all the fun we had we were also crazy enough to go to summer school full-time. By the way... I will never do that again!

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Ty * April said...

You had a packed summer. But it looked like so much fun. I want to know more about Coronado Island. (price? is it expensive?)
Loved the pictures. Want to see the finished bathroom.