Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG!!!!!

(picture compliments of JT)

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!! Don't eat too much turkey!!! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So I normally spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights after everything is done glued to my couch to watch Biggest Loser and America's Next Top Model. As crazy as it sounds I usually have my pop and some sort of snack to go along with the show. :) Every week I tell myself that I need to start exercising and losing some weight that has crept on me. My biggest downfall is Mt. Dew! It is my best friend. I can go a day or so without it, but why? So I know that Jon and my family has heard it a million times that I am going to quit LOL and I do for awhile, but than go right back. :) Tonight as I sat and watched all the stupid drama on Biggest Loser I finally felt motivated. I only had one more pop in the fridge and decided to hurry and drink it and be done. (We will see how I do.. not promising anything) So that show was finished (thanks to DVR) and I started to watch Top Model. I am not sure how I feel about the winner, but I guess the judges know best... anyway... After Top Model I got out my Hip Hop Abs at 11 PM and did the first cardio video. It is so crazy how good and accomplished I feel. Jon kind of looked at me strange, but at least I got up off the couch and did something right? Now onto the next hard thing. Getting rid of the junk in our house and at work. I will keep this updated on how I am doing. Maybe I will even put a ticker on the side. We will see how I feel. Anyone care to join me? I also cut my hair, but I just need to take a pic and post it (sorry it has taken so long Goon) :)

Other not so exciting news. JT may have a fracture in his upper leg. I would go into details, but it is past midnight and I am actually tired for once. We are going to the Dr. tomorrow to follow up after his xrays and I will post what they found. Please pray that everything will be ok! And just a picture so this post isn't so boring :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Potty Time!

(Don't mind the "I just woke up look")

Jon and I are crazy, but we decided that it was time to get JT used to the potty chair. So we picked one up at Walmart. Nothing fancy... no music when you pee or toilet paper hanging on the side. Just a normal chair that will be able to be used on the toilet and it turns into a cute step stool. Anyway, we brought it home and let JT sit on it to try it out. He wouldn't get off. He probably sat on it for a good 15 minutes. We tried feet in water and running the bath water, but nothing happened. So the next day after his nap I stuck him on it again. Again he wouldn't get off so i decided to sit at my computer and wait. About 5 minutes later he came to see me. We walked back into the bathroom to get a diaper and lo and behold he had peed in the potty!!!! I clapped and cheered and got all excited. Everytime he saw the potty the rest of the day he would clap. I need to get some candy to put in the bathroom for when he goes. :) Jon and I went to Mesquite over the weekend for our anniversary so we didn't get the chance to do anything, but tonight I put him on and started the bathtub. Within 2 minutes he had peed and was ready to get in the tub. I know most would say it is way early and he won't keep doing this and I know I am definitely not ready to put him in big boy pants, but hey... I am a proud mom right now :) And you can never get started too early right?

Friday, November 7, 2008

OuR LiTtLe MoNsTeR!!!

I should be finishing my talk for Sunday and also my lesson for Young Womens, but here I am blogging instead :) This week has been so fun with JT. He has the cutest personality. He gets smarter every day and surprises us. Here are just a few cute pictures from this week. :) I better get back to preparing.

My cuddle bug!
We bought this motorcycle for JT because he wanted to play with one of Jon's model bikes and he also loves Jon's bullet bike. Unfortunately it makes noise! Enough said. LOL :)

Just cute!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just for Nana!

Here you go Nana... we do have some pictures of you with JT :) I need to be better about getting other people in the pictures with JT. We probably have 10 million of just him. We need to update our family picture too... we are just too lazy I guess. JT loves his nana... it is funny to watch him. If he doesn't want papa he wants nana and vice versa! They are the best grandparents in the world. We are so lucky to be close and get to spend lots of time with them. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!