Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look who's getting married!!!!!

Stef... I stole this picture from you. :)
My little brother proposed on Friday! We were all at Shaunie's house after she went on a scavenger hunt. When she came downstairs to go to her room Rams was on one knee and all of us spectators where in the corner watching. JT took the ring to Uncle Rams right before he asked. It was so cute. He did a great job. We are so excited for them. May 16th is the big day!!! We can't wait. We love both of you and are so excited to add Shaunie to our family.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick Days... :(

We have had a few crazy days. We went up North this weekend to visit Jon's family and had fun even though we were only there for 24 hours. We found some cute tools at Walmart and got them for JT. They are his most favorite things right now. As soon as we gave them to him he disappeared. This is where we found him. Smart little bugger...

We drove home on Sunday afternoon through the storm and made it home safely. JT played with the screw and screwdriver the whole way home. It made for a somewhat quiet ride.

Monday night he started getting a fever and I knew we had a long night ahead of us. We didn't get much sleep and Tuesday morning he was pretty out of it. Days like this are bittersweet. He never stays still anymore. He barely will cuddle and we are lucky to get kisses and hugs, but than it is down to run again. When he has a fever all he wants to do is be held which I love. He fell asleep in my arms on Monday night and other than going to the doctor to find out he had an ear infection and a nap with dad... I spent the day in the rocking chair with my sick baby. I don't like when he is sick, but I love the time we get to spend together. After a couple of days on antibiotics he is almost back to his old self. Hopefully this is the only ear infection we have this year!