Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love this kid!

Where did time go? It seems like yesterday we were bringing JT home from the hospital. He is such a happy kid most of the time unless he is teething. Which right now he is getting 2 molars that I can tell and an eye tooth. (NOT FUN!!!!!) His personality is so outgoing and he loves using his lungs. Our lives are crazy! Since the economy has slowed down so much, they had to lay off the girl I worked with in the front which means I am now doing everything. So we made the hard decision to have someone watch JT. My cousin Crystal is watching him 3 days a week and my mom will watch him on Fridays. My grandma wants to watch him too, but my boss also wants me to still bring him sometimes so she can see him. I miss him so much during the day, but have noticed that it flies by and I get so much done. We have been so blessed!!!! We are heading up North this weekend to spend with Jon family so I will try to get pictures. It will be fun to get away.

It is moments like this...

That make us proud!
I am also proud of myself for letting go of all control
and letting him feed himself :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

WARNING... Graphic pictures below!!!

We have hit 15 months and our first major disaster! :) Just to warn you the pictures below are somewhat gross, but it was too funny not to blog about. I might print off my blog down the road so it has to be included. Ok... on to the story. Friday afternoon JT hadn't had a nap so I put him down before the Homecoming game. About 6:00 I heard him talking and asked Jon to run up and get him while I took care of something. Jon came running down yelling that I had to see this. I am thinking he got his legs stuck through the crib because it has happened before. We both walk up and I notice that Jon has the camera in his hand. As I reach the top of the stairs I am hit with the most disgusting smell. At that point I knew exactly what had happened and was so scared to go in. LOL Back the story up... I changed JT's diaper before I put him down and didn't put his shorts back on because I was planning on him wearing something else for the game. (NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!) I walk in the room and there is poop everywhere. Well not everywhere... just all over blankets, sheets, JT, the crib. The only thing I could do was laugh while gagging :) Jon took care of JT and I took care of cleaning everything up. I will never just leave him in just a diaper. I totally learned my lesson. So I promised Megan I would post some pictures. :) Here they are.

Notice the clean bum. haha
"The Mess"

Trying to get prepared to clean. The smell was horrible. :)
Now on to the 15 month update...
Weight: 19lbs 5 oz (1 pound less than last month)
*We are now drinking Carnation instant breakfast to gain weight*
Height: ?? Havent measured him yet :) But he is getting taller finally.
JT has such a personality and is very smart. He doesn't say very many words yet, well we don't know because pretty much everything he says starts with a "D." Sometimes he will say other things, but it is random. He does surprise us though with how observant he is. Tonight after dinner I asked Jon if he wanted to go for a walk. JT walked over to the door like he was ready. He than went to the closet and tried to pull out his stroller. Jon and I just looked at each other in amazement. He gives "open mouth" kisses, blows kisses, and waved bye at everything. He also folds his arms for prayer and when we say it is time for night night climbs the stairs to his room and gets ready for prayer. Tonight he started walking backwards. Then he would run forward and go backward again. He is constantly amazing us. We love him so much. I can't imagine my life without him. I can't believe that he is already 15 months old. Next thing we know he is going to be 2. We are enjoying our time in our new house as a family. Here are a few pics of our cute little guy.

Loving the slide.

Such a Cheeseball!

Practicing his GQ pose. :)

My two favorite boys. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Tag

I know what some of you are thinking... "Holy Cow" :) My little sis tagged me and I figured this one is pretty easy and doesn't take too much deep thinking. hehe

The rules: No cleaning!!!!! That is it, I want to see how you really live! Here we go!

1. Laundry Room
I love this room. So much nicer than my closet in the other place.
2. Closet
I have way too many clothes that I don't wear.

3. Bathroom
Nothing really special. :)

4. Kitchen sink
I got the cute shelf for my birthday. Love it! :)

5. Fridge/Freezer

6. Pantry
This is also one of my favorite rooms in our house.

7. What is your kid doing?
He thinks he is big like us. Climbs up on the chair and tries to rock. Look how stinkin cute he looks. What a stud. :)
8. Your favorite room
This is where we are ALL THE TIME. JT now has a few favorite toys and they just happen to be the biggest. So they are pretty much out all the time along with Baby Einstein.
9. Our bedroom
I love this room too. Notice our night stands. lol Someday I will get to Ikea and buy my bedroom set. Still a lot to get done in our room.

10. Dream Vacation
My dream is anything tropical. I also have wanted to go to Hawaii, but not really anymore. I want to go where no one is.
This is Jon's dream vacation. Going back to Denmark where he served his mission. He always talks about it. I wish we just had a million dollars and we could go. Oh well... maybe someday.

Ok... there is my tag. Cherish it... who knows when I will do another one. :) I tag whoever feels like doing this.

Friday, September 5, 2008