Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Tag

I know what some of you are thinking... "Holy Cow" :) My little sis tagged me and I figured this one is pretty easy and doesn't take too much deep thinking. hehe

The rules: No cleaning!!!!! That is it, I want to see how you really live! Here we go!

1. Laundry Room
I love this room. So much nicer than my closet in the other place.
2. Closet
I have way too many clothes that I don't wear.

3. Bathroom
Nothing really special. :)

4. Kitchen sink
I got the cute shelf for my birthday. Love it! :)

5. Fridge/Freezer

6. Pantry
This is also one of my favorite rooms in our house.

7. What is your kid doing?
He thinks he is big like us. Climbs up on the chair and tries to rock. Look how stinkin cute he looks. What a stud. :)
8. Your favorite room
This is where we are ALL THE TIME. JT now has a few favorite toys and they just happen to be the biggest. So they are pretty much out all the time along with Baby Einstein.
9. Our bedroom
I love this room too. Notice our night stands. lol Someday I will get to Ikea and buy my bedroom set. Still a lot to get done in our room.

10. Dream Vacation
My dream is anything tropical. I also have wanted to go to Hawaii, but not really anymore. I want to go where no one is.
This is Jon's dream vacation. Going back to Denmark where he served his mission. He always talks about it. I wish we just had a million dollars and we could go. Oh well... maybe someday.

Ok... there is my tag. Cherish it... who knows when I will do another one. :) I tag whoever feels like doing this.


goooooood girl said...
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The Meis' Family said...

Good Job Bridge! I love the picture of JT. He looks so grown up. Love the Shaq shoes. Thanks for doing this for me. Love ya! And also the Mountain Dew is for me. Had a craving!!

Judie and George said...

Things look pretty good at your house. You have lots of food and your house looks clean too! Your son has a smile on his face! Life is good!

Zitting Zoo said...

I tagged you! Play along, and go to my blog for instructions. Have Fun!

Josh and Britany said...

The house looks great! I think we should make a trip down there to come and see it!! I think that will have to join you on your dream vacation because I would love to be somewhere tropical too!!