Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July

I took a break from packing to update everyone and post some pictures from our 24th weekend. I was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend which I really needed. I didn't get a lot done around the house, but we had a lot of fun as a family. Thursday we spent up at Kolob with my family. Friday JT and I just hung out and played with Nana. Saturday we went to look for a fridge. It is so much fun looking at that type of stuff knowing that you can actually get it now. Sunday we went to church, a youth conference meeting, and than just chilled together again. It was a great weekend, but best of all!!! We got rid of the binkie. I think it was more of a crutch to me than it was to JT. I decided that since we had 4 days it would be the best time to take it away. We had a couple of naps that were hard, but he will go right to sleep without it now. Hallelujah! :)

We were supposed to sign on our house tomorrow morning, but it looks like it will be Wednesday. I am just trying to get myself motivated enough to pack all the little things. I think it is worse that we are just moving across town. It isn't like we have to pack up a uhaul like we normally have. We are hoping to get the keys on Wednesday afternoon after it records and will have a day or so before youth conference to take a lot of our stuff over. Anyway... back to packing! :) Enjoy the few pictures. I will post more of our youth conference. It is going to be a blast! :)

24th Parade with Nana and the primary kids! Click the picture to enlarge and see how cute he is!!! :)

Exploring at Kolob!

Uncle Dizzles fishing hat

First time on the four-wheeler

Family fun!!!

Don't let the brown eyes fool ya. He has a little devil inside ;) hahaSo stinkin precious!!!
Elmo's on... don't bother me!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ok so I need advice from all you experienced moms out there. JT will not drink milk. He was doing ok for awhile as long as I warmed it up and he would drink almost a full sippy cup in the morning and at night. Well this week he decided he was done with that. A couple of people told me to add nesquick to it and see if he likes that. Well it kind of worked, but he still will only take a couple of sips. He has become a very picky eater. Ahhhhh it is frustrating. So does anyone have any tricks or tips for me? I welcome anything. He needs to gain weight and not drinking milk isn't helping.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mom of the Year Award!

I am nominating myself for this award. :) After you hear the story you may want to second my nomination. Today I was at work and it was almost time to go home. I had been outside marking some furnaces and gave the sharpie to JT to keep him busy for a second while I finished something. I came back in the room and my boss said, "Mom... you might want to get some paper towels." Now I am just thinking that JT threw up or something. He was pretty good at that for the first 10 months of his life. So I turn the corner and see him and he has the lid off the marker, but I only see a little mark right by his mouth. I am thinking it isn't that bad until he opens his mouth. :) That is right... he decided to eat the marker instead of color with it. Doesn't shock me anything and everything still goes into his mouth. So I am freaking a little bit because it can't be good to eat that stuff and after I get him cleaned up I call my Dr. just to make sure he isn't going to die and he suggested I call poison control. Second time this week our family has called poison control. (the other story involves my mom and I am not going to share) They said he will be ok just to watch and make sure he doesn't have a reaction in his mouth. Anyway... long story short. JT didn't die and is actually going to live. :) lol He did have a beautiful blue tongue for most of the night and there is still a tiny speck left. Note to self... JT is strong enough to get the lid of the sharpie. Seriously I struggle getting them off sometimes. Kids are amazing. I will post a picture of "the tongue" It doesn't do it justice though.

Update on the house... our appraisal came back and we will move in with Instant equity which will be nice and the inspection went perfect. Now we just have to wait for it to close. Our loan office said 2 weeks which will put it at the end of July. I am starting to think about packing. I hate packing. Especially when I know we are just going 2 miles across town. Oh well... hopefully I can get rid of some of the junk we have been collecting through the years.

Sorry this picture is a little crazy looking, but it was the only one I could get with his tongue sticking out. :)

A picture of his beautiful eyes. I love this kid!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The deal is almost done! :)

So we heard back from the bank today and we both finally agreed on something. One of the things was to have everything go by their timetable... which is very fast. They are ready to get it off their hands. So pretty much we have 3 1/2 weeks to get everything done. Appraisal, Inspection, Loan through and whatever else there is. They want it closed on August 6th which is 2 days before Jon goes to Canada for a week. We went and looked more in depth tonight and I am so in love with this house. I took some pictures, but they really don't do it justice. We are going to have so much fun here. So here is a sneek peek. I didn't get one of the outside of the house itself or the yard. Jon said we have to get it cleaned up first. So it will have to be a surprise. Stay tuned... (in the future) We will definitely have our hands full for awhile. But are going to be proud homeowners.... FINALLY!!!!!! One thing I can say is that the Lord has us in mind. This house pretty much fell into our laps. Which helps with doubt. If I had searched for this house I would probably wonder if it was the right thing, but seriously we weren't looking and I just happened to come across it on a totally different site that I never look at. From start to finish of this process will be a few days over a month. That is a miracle in my eyes. I am so thankful for the Lord's continuous blessings.

Right side of front room. My piano will go against the stairs. I am excited to get it back. There is a ton of space under the stairs. We decided it will be a great place for toys. The stove is gas!!! JT loves it already we might be in trouble

The left side of front room where the couch and tv will go.
Pretty self explanatory. The pantry is my favorite though. I should have gotten a pic of it. It is HUGE!!!!!

Master bath. See the cute vanity area. I might actually use it.

JT and Trey playing in the laundry room. It will be nice to have more than a closet for laundry. "One day" I will get front loading.

The other side of the master bath. It need a little work, but shouldn't be bad. Like another mirror. Not much.

Steep steep stairs.

1/2 bath upstairs in one of the bedrooms. It is just so cute. Everything about this house is cute. It really has some old charm. I can't wait. I don't think August 6th will come fast enough. Time to get packing. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Too cute!

Here is our little cheeseball. He totally posed for this picture. How can you not love a face like that? :)

Still waiting!!!!!

Man... this is going to drive me crazy. I have a million things to do, but I can't stay busy enough to keep this waiting out of my mind. I hope we hear something tomorrow or I might lose it. :) lol

My little guy is getting better and better at walking. It is so insane to me that I have a 1 year old and he is walking. He now has 7 teeth and pretty much thinks phones are awesome. He puts them up to his ear and talks. Also it is a good thing he is cute because he is on this screaming kick and if he wasn't cute who knows what would happen. hehehe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

House update...

We have heard from the bank and are now in negotiations. This is going to go quick so for the next month you will probably not hear from me. I will try to get our 4th of July pics up in the next few days before everything goes crazy. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

We did it!

So I was going to post all about our 4th of July weekend, but that would take too much effort right now. :) I just had to post to say that tonight we put an offer in on the house. Now the waiting game begins. The house is owned by the bank so hopefully everything will go smoothly and we will be moving the beginning of August! :) Keep your fingers crossed. The bank has until Wednesday at 6 pm. I am going to be a big wreck the next few days. I hate waiting. I have already started putting all my belongings in the house in my mind. I am probably more excited about the yard. It is a blank canvas. I love yard work and especially when it will be my own yard. I just can't wait. We aren't at all excited if you can't tell. ;) I will keep y'all posted.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am in love!!!!!!!

First of all, this is the third post in 3 days which is pretty good for me. I just have a lot to blog about I guess. I actually made dinner tonight. Totally surprised Jon and my little brother and I guess myself because I enjoyed doing it. Ramsey named dinner "hamburger burrito with cheese and sauce" otherwise known as Enchiladas :) hahaha Here is what he thinks about it. He is just being funny. He loved it!

So back to the title of my blog. I am totally in love and Jon and I are finally doing something we have wanted to do in a long time. Buying a house. I found it online a few days ago. We weren't even thinking about doing this yet, but it is an offer you can't pass up. We went to look inside tonight thinking that it was built in 1930 and probably has a lot of work that is needed. Notice the yard is pretty much in shambles, but the outside is great other than a cracked window in front. We walked in and all of us were shocked. The whole entire house had been remodeled. It is so cute. I love the old charm with the new updates. Wrap-around porch...high ceilings... awesome trim and moldings...A/C (That is a huge positive for an older home) It has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. (3 upstairs and master on main floor) and there is even a little rock basement that you access from outside for Jon's "man cave." It has a pretty good size yard for JT and it is just plain cute. So we are going to put an offer on it in the next few days and cross our fingers that everything will go well. We are ready for a place of our own and this house just feels right. :) So here is my new love. I will post an update as soon as I know anything. For now I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. We are heading up north for Stadium of Fire and to spend time with Jon's family. Have fun and stay safe :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cool Surprises...

Ok... so after my deep and emotional blog last night I decided that I needed something happy one here. JT suprised us and really started to walk. He has been taking steps for the past month and a half, but he has a mind of his own and if he doesn't feel like walking... he won't. He also would curl his toes under his feet so he couldn't have enough balance or something. (At least that is what Jon said the problem was.) I think he is just a stubborn kid. :) Anyway... he is still pretty shaky, but is getting better. He has also been able to stand up in the middle of the floor for the past month. So after he falls... he just stands up and tries again. He is walking in circles and turning which really surprised me. It was like a light finally went on in his little head. He is so excited while he walks. He just laughs like he is so proud of himself. He is pretty much done crawling unless he needs something fast. I am putting some video of today with his walking. Sorry it is sideways. I didn't really think of how it would come out on the computer. I am so used to being able to flip my pictures. If anyone knows a secret to flipping video... I would love to know. :)

The other surprise... So those of you who know me real well, know that I "HATE" cooking. I really wished I liked to cook, but I don't. The past few days I have tried to psych myself up to do something. My parents have an apricot tree that is ready to pick so Megan and I got a couple of bags and climbed the ladders last night. (During Bachelorette commercials) :) Now I know you are all in shock. Believe me Jon was and me too a little bit. He said he never thought I would do this and he was just waiting to see if I really would. But here you go. You can all pick up your chins off the floor now. It is true. I actually got my dehydrator out. (Thanks Grandma) Here is a picture to prove that I did it. We can't wait to have dried apricots and a few bananas just to see how they turn out. Next on the agenda... apples, kiwis, watermelon, and I guess whatever else sounds good.

No Sleep

It is 1:30 and I can't sleep. I have so much going through my mind right now. Why can't life be easy? I wish everything fell into place. I have had to deal with my share of trials. I am thankful for everyone of them, but sometimes I wish they would stop for just a second so I could breath. My biggest trial has been infertility. I am not going to vent about it, I just have to talk for a second. I have my good days and I have my bad days... and today was a kind of an in between day. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who puts up with me. :) If it weren't for him holding me up the first 7 years of our marriage I would have probably given up. I am also blessed with a wonderful friend, Judy, who has adopted all five of her children. She understands exactly what I am going through and I can call her at any time and talk or just cry. A year ago a special spirit was placed in my arms. JT has brought so much joy, peace, love, happiness, and a wonderful feeling to our home. I can not thank his birthmother enough for the huge sacrifice she made by letting him go. There will always be a special place in our hearts for her. As I watch JT grow up I see little parts of her and it always reminds me what she did for us. Jon and I have started to think about a second child. This brings back all the anxiety, stress, and worry that I had during the first 7 years. I always thought before we got JT that once we had him it would all go away and everything would be perfect. Judy has told me over and over again that those feelings... the longing to carry a child... to give birth...for it to just be "easier"... will never go away. As much as I supress them I can never get them deep enough. I don't want to sound like I am ungrateful because I am not. I love JT with everything that I have. I am just having one of those days... and sometimes it helps to talk it out. Thanks for listening to those who read this. I think now I can sleep and finally let my head stop. Here are a couple of pictures of my precious angel. He is growing up so fast and we love to do "big boy" things with him.

Daddy wants a dirt bike and so does JT. :)

Not quite ready for the slide. LOL

Check out my "new" face. He makes this face all the time while sniffing his nose.