Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mom of the Year Award!

I am nominating myself for this award. :) After you hear the story you may want to second my nomination. Today I was at work and it was almost time to go home. I had been outside marking some furnaces and gave the sharpie to JT to keep him busy for a second while I finished something. I came back in the room and my boss said, "Mom... you might want to get some paper towels." Now I am just thinking that JT threw up or something. He was pretty good at that for the first 10 months of his life. So I turn the corner and see him and he has the lid off the marker, but I only see a little mark right by his mouth. I am thinking it isn't that bad until he opens his mouth. :) That is right... he decided to eat the marker instead of color with it. Doesn't shock me anything and everything still goes into his mouth. So I am freaking a little bit because it can't be good to eat that stuff and after I get him cleaned up I call my Dr. just to make sure he isn't going to die and he suggested I call poison control. Second time this week our family has called poison control. (the other story involves my mom and I am not going to share) They said he will be ok just to watch and make sure he doesn't have a reaction in his mouth. Anyway... long story short. JT didn't die and is actually going to live. :) lol He did have a beautiful blue tongue for most of the night and there is still a tiny speck left. Note to self... JT is strong enough to get the lid of the sharpie. Seriously I struggle getting them off sometimes. Kids are amazing. I will post a picture of "the tongue" It doesn't do it justice though.

Update on the house... our appraisal came back and we will move in with Instant equity which will be nice and the inspection went perfect. Now we just have to wait for it to close. Our loan office said 2 weeks which will put it at the end of July. I am starting to think about packing. I hate packing. Especially when I know we are just going 2 miles across town. Oh well... hopefully I can get rid of some of the junk we have been collecting through the years.

Sorry this picture is a little crazy looking, but it was the only one I could get with his tongue sticking out. :)

A picture of his beautiful eyes. I love this kid!!!!!


Josh and Britany said...

That's crazy! I can't believe he can get the lid off! I'm glad you're not coming this weekend because we are going camping and won't be around, but we definitely need to get together. The next couple weeks are crazy for me with vacation, girls camp, and youth conference, but after that we should plan something.

Kim Johnson said...

Aren't kids amazing! Mine were always getting into stuff I figured was too far to reach or too hard to open. Boys keep you on your toes.

That is great news about the house. Let me know if you need boxes and I can save you some from my work :)

Zitting Zoo said...

Leave it to the kids to do the unexpected!!!! Congrats!!! It's so exciting to be moving into your first house!!!

The Meis' Family said...

I second that! lol

Lenzi said...

That is hilarious! I have a great pen story too...see blog title "Tattoos"..that should be self explanatory! haha... I must say, I am itching for the other poison control story!