Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Attempt...

at black hair! Jon and I decided we would like to do some dreads or cornrows on JT's hair. We looked it up on the internet and kind of got some direction. The only thing we were missing was the special product, but I said, "Hey... I have this awesome sticky good hold gel stuff." So I go get it and we go to work. Now don't laugh... or you can because we laughed for 15 minutes straight. The "stuff" I had was too sticky and it just turned out to be a disaster! :) lol If we don't get it down by the 5th attempt, we are heading to Vegas. :)

             JT 1176  

JT 1174 

If any of you have ideas or know how to work with this kind of hair. I would be so appreciative.  

Monday, April 21, 2008

My little guy!

So first off... I went to weigh JT since he turned 10 months thinking he had gained a ton. It seems like he is a brick when I am holding him. He weighed about 18 pounds at 9 months and is now a whopping 18 pounds 3 ounces. LOL
We also went to visit a surgeon last week about his umbilical hernia. It is something that I have never seen before. It stick way out when he crys or does anything strainuous with his stomach. Our family doctor finally decided that it was time to see a surgeon. So we went in thinking that they would do surgery at a year or so. It was the quickest appointment I have ever been to. The doctor walked in, didn't even look at JT, saw his hernia sticking out (it isn't like you can miss it) and said they don't do surgery until they are 4-5 years old. WHAT!!!! I sat there in shock while he was explaining why. I just can't see putting my child through dealing with this huge thing sticking out of his stomach. It is so frustrating thinking that I can't do anything for him. I just hope that those around him will be considerate. I don't want him to have a complex about it. So as I post pictures of him swimming or playing in the water or without his shirt on you will understand why he has an "elephant trunk" as we call it. I guess I can be thankful he doesn't have cancer or any other horrible disease. Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that it will fix itself. Only time will tell.

Fun in the sun!

Since Saturday was sunny and somewhat warm (other than the small breeze) we decided to try out the little lilypad thing that I had bought online. The water was still a bit cold, but the boys tried to have fun. Jt didn't mind until the water got in his face and he couldn't breath. I am excited for it to get warmer so they can enjoy it even more. I would post the funny video I got, but for some reason the last video I posted won't open for anyone so I will have to figure out the problem.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You will never believe this!

Jon's brother Wade and his wife Kylee had their baby last night. They had 4 ultrasounds and were guaranteed a girl.. and you guessed it. They had a boy! How crazy is that? I guess there was another couple that had a boy last night also and they had had 4 ultrasounds. I am starting to think that if you are told you are having a girl... don't buy anything and wait :) lol I will post a picture of him as soon as I get one. They are naming him Brett after their brother that was killed 7 years ago. We now have 5 nieces and 5 nephews.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad Mom???

    Let me just say that I hate that I have to work. If we could do it without me working I would be home in a heartbeat. If anyone knows of a "real" work at home job (yeah right) let me know. :) I have actually got paid to do surveys, but it wouldn't suppliment my income by far. On the other hand I am so blessed to work where I do. Everyone LOVES JT and I get to take him everyday. But, I feel like a bad mom. I swear he probably sleeps most of the day and it isn't like I am sticking him up there just to get him out of my hair. He really goes down and doesn't even cry. But I feel guilty for it. I want to be able to play and do fun stuff and I am not able too. So am I bad?

   I kept telling my mom that he takes (2) 2 1/2 - 3 hour naps a day and I thought that might be too much, but after today I have decided that he needs his sleep. I left work early because my inlaws where going to be stopping by and he didn't get a full nap let alone 2 of them and by 6 tonight he was one unhappy camper. It was the first time in a long time that I let him cry himself to sleep. He was just so tired. At least today made me feel a little bit less guilty knowing that he needs his naps and I am just not doing it to get rid of him. But if anyone has any great and wonderful ideas on how to make money at home. Please share! :)

One last thing... it is the weekend and we have some fun stuff planned. Pictures will be coming. We are also buying a new car. I am so excited!!! We are going to try and sell the Yukon first so cross your fingers. Time for something more fuel efficient. lol


Isn't he just too cute? He is getting the cutest personality. Jon calls him a cheese ball. At least he is a cute cheese ball :)

JT 049

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I seriously don't know where the last 10 months has gone. I look at my little sister's new baby and it is hard to remember JT ever being that little. Our baby is turning into a little man. He is now a master crawler. It only takes a few seconds for him to be in another room and into something else. He is getting better at standing by himself until he realizes what he is doing and falls quickly to the floor. He just really doesn't care to even try to walk. Which is ok I guess. He loves cords, shoelaces, blocks, cars, and pretty much anything he can get into his mouth. He is a wonderful eater. The only thing he refuses to eat is cottage cheese. Check out the video below. :) It is so hard to believe that he will be 1 in a couple of months. He is such a good baby. I am so lucky to be his mom. He has taught me more than anyone could. I love you JT!


He LOVES his new cousin. He kept giving him kisses until we made him stop.

JT 006

He LOVES giraffes just like his mommy. Notice "his" corner. He isn't spoiled at all. LOL

Easter 047

Easter at the sand dunes with Great Grandma :)

Easter 113

He will use his teeth on anything... his favorite is my shoulder.

JT 070

He has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. He is also a flirt. He will smile and squint those dark eyes at anyone. Just ask the guys at work. They can't get enough of him.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's A ...


Pace 036

Megan's water broke at 4:00- it was a fast fast labor. Our Payslee came out Pace. We were all shocked. They are naming him Pace Ramsey Meis. He is the most adorable tiny thing ever.  :) Megan and Pace are doing great. Trey is a wonderful big brother already.


Pace 008

Pace 012

Pace 019

Pace 024

Pace 029

Pace 042

Pace 045

Pace 065

Pace 066

Pace 079

Friday, April 4, 2008

I would like to turn your attention...

to the right side of my blog. My baby brother is coming home soon! I can't believe that 2 years is almost up. He has been a wonderful missionary and we are so proud of him, but we are ready to have him home. He is coming home to 2 nephews and a niece. Hopefully he knows what he is in for. ;) Ramsey we love you!!!!!


We are all finally back among the living now. We actually went out to dinner with my family and I ate. My appetite has been nothing for the past week. Anyway... I will try to get Easter pictures up this weekend. The ones with JT in them are way too cute not to post. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Family Sickness...


We had our first family sickness as you read from previous posts. JT came down with fever on Sunday and we went to the dr on Monday to find out he had an ear infection. Luckily the virus we had didn't go to his lungs like Jon and I. Poor little guy is still fighting the fever, but he is trying to be very happy. Since it has been quite the week and very wearing on me I decided to post 9 things that I have been thankful for throughout this past week.

  1. Priesthood blessings- I totally believe this along with prayer is what got me through everything. Thank you to Jon and my Dad for being worthy to be able to give JT and I these wonderful blessings.
  2. Jon & JT- Believe it or not I am not the perfect wife and mother just yet. :) I am so grateful to have these two wonderful boys in my life that are patient and understanding with me.
  3. My Parents- They are the most wonderful parents anyone could have. I can not think of a time that they were not there for me. They have carried me through so much. Thank You!!!
  4. Antibiotics- They are lifesavers!
  5. Motrin- I swear by this stuff. Tylenol works for teething, but Motrin is the stuff that breaks JT's fevers very quickly.
  6. Pedialyte- When JT wouldn't drink anything else he would drink pedialyte.
  7. SMILES- The picture says it all. It is much more for fun to see smiles than an unhappy baby.
  8. Wet Diapers- Might be a strange one, but with JT not drinking much it was a welcome sight to change wet diapers. Meant he wasn't dehydrated. :)
  9. ANTM- hehehe Thank you MTV for have marathons of 3 seasons while we were sick. I have seen them a million times, but they never get old and it got me through the days. ;)