Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Family Sickness...


We had our first family sickness as you read from previous posts. JT came down with fever on Sunday and we went to the dr on Monday to find out he had an ear infection. Luckily the virus we had didn't go to his lungs like Jon and I. Poor little guy is still fighting the fever, but he is trying to be very happy. Since it has been quite the week and very wearing on me I decided to post 9 things that I have been thankful for throughout this past week.

  1. Priesthood blessings- I totally believe this along with prayer is what got me through everything. Thank you to Jon and my Dad for being worthy to be able to give JT and I these wonderful blessings.
  2. Jon & JT- Believe it or not I am not the perfect wife and mother just yet. :) I am so grateful to have these two wonderful boys in my life that are patient and understanding with me.
  3. My Parents- They are the most wonderful parents anyone could have. I can not think of a time that they were not there for me. They have carried me through so much. Thank You!!!
  4. Antibiotics- They are lifesavers!
  5. Motrin- I swear by this stuff. Tylenol works for teething, but Motrin is the stuff that breaks JT's fevers very quickly.
  6. Pedialyte- When JT wouldn't drink anything else he would drink pedialyte.
  7. SMILES- The picture says it all. It is much more for fun to see smiles than an unhappy baby.
  8. Wet Diapers- Might be a strange one, but with JT not drinking much it was a welcome sight to change wet diapers. Meant he wasn't dehydrated. :)
  9. ANTM- hehehe Thank you MTV for have marathons of 3 seasons while we were sick. I have seen them a million times, but they never get old and it got me through the days. ;)


Beau & Stef said...

oh my heck i LOVE ANTM!! i watch it faithfully every week.(well exept for last night because we moved beau in!) but i hear ya! it gets me through the worst of times!!

Jen said...

I used to list 5 things I was grateful when I was on the edge of losing my sanity with Grace as a sleepless newborn. It helped so much.

Hope all is rosy again soon.

Kim Johnson said...

Bridget, Hope you are all feeling better soon. Your little boy is adorable!

Honor said...

I like ANTM reruns too! (I just found your blog from Emily Hill's ... hi!)