Saturday, April 19, 2008

You will never believe this!

Jon's brother Wade and his wife Kylee had their baby last night. They had 4 ultrasounds and were guaranteed a girl.. and you guessed it. They had a boy! How crazy is that? I guess there was another couple that had a boy last night also and they had had 4 ultrasounds. I am starting to think that if you are told you are having a girl... don't buy anything and wait :) lol I will post a picture of him as soon as I get one. They are naming him Brett after their brother that was killed 7 years ago. We now have 5 nieces and 5 nephews.


heidi said...

Thats crazy, I have three sisters inlaws all pregnant and two of them knowing its a girl, it really makes you wonder. I tttally don't think your a bad mom. I know It would be hard to work.I let you know if I come across anything.

heidi said...

Hey Bridget sorry for leaving another comment. Hey I got emailed a new site from our adoption agency here in Nevada it has tons of cool things on it. here is a link to it.

I thought you might want to check it out.

Stacy said...

I knew it had to happen more often then people realize! CRAZY!

Jen said...

That is so crazy! I hope this baby is a boy, but I would love a girl, too. We've only had one ultrasound.

My brother Jesse was named after an uncle who died before we were born. I think that is awesome.