Monday, April 21, 2008

My little guy!

So first off... I went to weigh JT since he turned 10 months thinking he had gained a ton. It seems like he is a brick when I am holding him. He weighed about 18 pounds at 9 months and is now a whopping 18 pounds 3 ounces. LOL
We also went to visit a surgeon last week about his umbilical hernia. It is something that I have never seen before. It stick way out when he crys or does anything strainuous with his stomach. Our family doctor finally decided that it was time to see a surgeon. So we went in thinking that they would do surgery at a year or so. It was the quickest appointment I have ever been to. The doctor walked in, didn't even look at JT, saw his hernia sticking out (it isn't like you can miss it) and said they don't do surgery until they are 4-5 years old. WHAT!!!! I sat there in shock while he was explaining why. I just can't see putting my child through dealing with this huge thing sticking out of his stomach. It is so frustrating thinking that I can't do anything for him. I just hope that those around him will be considerate. I don't want him to have a complex about it. So as I post pictures of him swimming or playing in the water or without his shirt on you will understand why he has an "elephant trunk" as we call it. I guess I can be thankful he doesn't have cancer or any other horrible disease. Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that it will fix itself. Only time will tell.


Kim Johnson said...

I have a friend who had a little boy with a herniated belly button and they operated when he was still fairly young. Barely a year I think. Of course that was like nine years ago, but if you are worried you might seek a second opinion.

Seth & Lacey Jay said...

Hi, you don't know me, I'm a friend of Megan's. We're going through the adoption process right now and Meg told me about your story. I just watched your "Adoption Journey" slideshow. It just made me cry. You have a beautiful little boy. Seeing it really happen just gave me so much hope. Thanks for having the slideshow posted.

heidi said...

My neibors little boy just had his fixed and he was two. I no they did it in vegas. Just if you want a second opion. I would be upset that he didn't even look at it. I love him on the little lilly pad it looks way fun. I'm coming up on thurs and going to see beau and stef new place all have to stop by if your home and say hi.