Monday, April 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I seriously don't know where the last 10 months has gone. I look at my little sister's new baby and it is hard to remember JT ever being that little. Our baby is turning into a little man. He is now a master crawler. It only takes a few seconds for him to be in another room and into something else. He is getting better at standing by himself until he realizes what he is doing and falls quickly to the floor. He just really doesn't care to even try to walk. Which is ok I guess. He loves cords, shoelaces, blocks, cars, and pretty much anything he can get into his mouth. He is a wonderful eater. The only thing he refuses to eat is cottage cheese. Check out the video below. :) It is so hard to believe that he will be 1 in a couple of months. He is such a good baby. I am so lucky to be his mom. He has taught me more than anyone could. I love you JT!


He LOVES his new cousin. He kept giving him kisses until we made him stop.

JT 006

He LOVES giraffes just like his mommy. Notice "his" corner. He isn't spoiled at all. LOL

Easter 047

Easter at the sand dunes with Great Grandma :)

Easter 113

He will use his teeth on anything... his favorite is my shoulder.

JT 070

He has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. He is also a flirt. He will smile and squint those dark eyes at anyone. Just ask the guys at work. They can't get enough of him.


Zitting Zoo said...

He is such a cutie! I can't believe how big he's getting. Seems like they grow up overnight. Cherish everyday!

heidi said...

Jt is so cute. His hair is really coming in. He sounds like he is into everything as is brielle. Its fun that there growing .Yet It makes me sad. I want her to stay little.

Stacy said...

He does have a GREAT smile! I wish he could model for me!

Goodrich said...

What cute kid! How are things going? Keep up the blogging.

Kim Johnson said...

He is too cute. And they grow up way too fast!!!!

Beau & Stef said...

i cant believe how big he is!!! it doesnt seem like that long ago that you got him!! he is such an adorable little blessing!!

ps. how did you do that collage like in your first family sickness post? i want to do that for when i post the pics of our house.

Beau & Stef said...

i love picasa! thats all i use! thanks for letting my know! i havnt ever seen it on there! you should bring jt over one night and we will watch him for like an hour and you can take a nap! im not even joking! we LOVE to watch little ones! then when you pick him up we can give you the tour!! sound good!? let me know when! most any day works for us! we still need to go see megan and pace! we were going to last night, but i didnt know her phone # to see if it was okay! anyways, let me know and we will work something out!!! talk to you soon!

Robby, Lindsey, & RJ said...

I am seriously so happy for you that you get a little guy to love and that loves you and is forever yours!!! Seriously...with my pregnancy emotions lately I have been so grateful for RJ. Being a mother is the best! It is way too sad for him to grow up though. I just hope that in the Celestial Kingdom ( if I make it) I can choose any age and hold RJ at any age whenever I want.. Does that make sense? I just hope that it doesn't pass never to experience again.