Friday, February 29, 2008

The next Bach!!!

I told Jon from the first time I saw JT's long fingers that he was going to play the piano. Of course he says they will come in pretty handy to play basketball. :) He can do both right? While at my in-laws... Jon's mom has a electric keyboard. JT proved my point that he is destined to be a concert pianist. It was the most fun I have seen him have in a long time. I especially love the picture of him with the intense look on his face. Like he is really getting into it. I sure do love this kid :)

collage1 Sorry for the duplicates. I couldn't figure out how to just do 5 pictures. It would only do 9.

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Zitting Zoo said...

Looks like he had so much fun! I can't believe how big he is getting! You in for more fun then you can imagine!-by the way-we will be down in June for Beau and Stef's wedding-Hope to see you then