Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Worthy

I am back! (kind of) Nothing huge has happened in our lives. Things have started to slow down a little and I can breath. I have been working in the yard a lot trying to get a handle on the weeds that love to grow in the spring :) We bought JT some boxer briefs just because. He isn't ready to potty train yet, but I wanted to see how he would react. Here is the video. You be the judge... we think he loves them.

We are enjoying being parents of an "almost" 2 year old. He definitely got the memo of how a 2 year old should act. ;) hehehe We wouldn't trade him for anything though. He keeps us on our toes and amazes us everyday with how smart he is. Here are a few pictures from breakfast. Adventures in eating... when he eats!!! :)


Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

The underwear is so much cuter. He is getting so big. Can't wait to see him and you guys in May

The Strattons said...

i cant believe how big he is!!

Ty * April said...

Good to see you back! That video is too cute but it makes him look to old. What an adorable little man. Hope things are going well.