Monday, June 15, 2009

Now that you have all been patient... 2 posts in one night!!!

Here are a few pictures of what we have done in the past few months... Keep reading though because our baby turned 2 today and we had a successful birthday party tonight. I am exhausted!!! We have been busy as a family and are looking forward to the rest of the summer. We are having a Packard reunion next week and all of Jon's siblings will be coming from Washington. We haven't seen some of them in a year. We are excited to spend time with them. I am sure I will get tons of pictures.

Looking older with all his hair gone!

Nice face daddy :)

Uncle Dizzles got himself married. How cute are these boys?

We aren't sure what they were looking at.

Fixing the drawers.

Even bribing him with candy doesn't get him off daddy's motorcycle.

Bubbles don't taste very good.

After all the hard work... the front is done. Now it's time for the backyard!

Daddy taught JT how to eat yogurt with a cookie. That is a necessity you know.


laceeJ said...

he's a doll! And your house looks so cute with the hard work you've put into that landscaping!

Lenzi said...

Your yard looks SOO good!!! Cute cute house :) I totally wanna be added to your blog...if you want me :) my email is and By the way.. JT is so stinking cute and I love the motorcycle bike.. JJ is obsessed with them too, everywhere we go, he spots them from miles away in the car :) Where did you find that bike???

Staci said...

You guys look fantastic! And the yard looks amazing! We miss your family!

Lacey Jay said...

how funny... last time I was in Hurricane, I so drove by your house (clearly I didn't know it was ours) I remember it cause I noticed the star on the front and thought "that's such a cute house" what a small world! I don't know what it looked like before but I love it now:)