Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is coming to a close... so I should probably get caught up on the blog.

We had an amazing summer. We didn't go on any fancy vacations or spend tons of money on stuff we don't really need. But we did spend time with family and created memories. Which to me is more rewarding than any fancy vacation. We spent time up north with Jon's family and went to the zoo with my parents. JT loved the animals, but he mostly loved the big granite ball that spun around in the water. You know how kids are with water. Thank you to Nana and Papa for being there with us to help with JT and make his first time at the zoo memorable! :)

We spent about 30 minutes playing at this ball. Wish we could have one at home.

Any resemblance? ;)

Our family on the Train.

Daddy wouldn't let him walk. Sad sad face.

He loves the carousel... He rode it 4 times at the fair and we had to try it out here.



Gone!!! We wore him out!

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Dykstra Family said...

What a big boy! We have a small zoo near us, the kids just love it!