Sunday, October 18, 2009

More changes... imagine that!

So just when I thought things were slowing down and we were in a groove... things are changing. Imagine that! Travis (Jon's brother that has been living with us) put in his mission papers a few weeks ago. He didn't tell his parents because he wanted to surprise them. So last Thursday Ben, one of his other brothers, snuck out to the mailbox (in his boxers) as soon as the mailman came to see if the call came. It did so we headed up to Springville on Friday afternoon. We went to dinner and than all sat down to play games. Travis pulled out his call and threw it on the game him and his parents were playing and totally surprised them. He opened it and he will be going to ........ McAllen, Texas (Spanish speaking) and will be leaving December 9th!!!!! Holy crap... December 9th... 1 1/2 months away. He is my babysitter and huge part of our family. Jon is working out of town and I am still working full-time... now what! So that is where we are right now. Our brains are definitely working overtime. I told Jon as he was stressing out... remember FAITH!!!!! It will all work out. The next month and a half will be busy, but we are excited for Travis and are thankful that he has been here. I almost feel like I am sending a son out on a mission. Now the time comes to prepare! :)


charlene adams said...

Jon, I can hardly believe that your baby brother is ready for his mission already. I remember when you and Wade were that age and trying to prepare. He will be a wonderful missionary, it's in his blood.. Proud to see how happy you are and your beautiful family. I miss all my Sunday School kids. Love ya,Sister Charlene Adams P.S. my e-mail address is

Judie and George said...

One of the best kept secrets about missions is how the moms feel. I suppose you are going to have serious withdrawal as he goes. It's a happy/sad time all rolled into one. It's such a good thing, but another adjustment. That's how I feel with Damon home. Right now he is home a couple of mornings so I can get out of the house. Next quarter his school schedule will change and it will all be different again. Tough to keep shifting gears all the time.