Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Sunbeam!

Wasn't it just yesterday I was cuddling my little bug on my chest?

I still think it is crazy that JT is old enough to be out of nursery and a Sunbeam! I swear it was just yesterday that he was born? It is INSANE that in just 2 short months he will be 4! To be honest, Jon and I were scared to death of this transition. He was good in nursery, but had a hard time sitting still for the lesson and singing time. And he was THAT kid that stole the other kids snacks. lol

(Totally embarassing for us)

So it came time to move upstairs to primary... (cue the horror music) He threw a nice little fit and didn't want us to leave, but finally calmed down. He has the best teacher in the world! Sister Sheneman is amazing! I was scared to hear how the time went. I just knew she was going to tell us he jumped around and couldn't keep still, but she said he did very well. We got home and asked him what he had learned about. Totally expecting the "I don't know" answer. He surprised us and explained to us how we have bones and also a spirit in our body. He still talks about it. So whatever she did totally impacted him. It still shocks us that he actually listens and learns every Sunday.

The next week they learned about Daniel and the Lion's den. Definitely his favorite story now. We hear it all the time. Next came learning about the Holy Ghost and how it told someone not to go over the fence and to the shed. They are now learning about the earth, water, animals, etc. He is an absolutely amazing kid. Yeah he still cries when we drop him off until his teacher gets there, but he is actually learning.
It all came full circle last Sunday while we were watching General Conference. JT was sitting on the floor playing and out of the blue he says, "Hey mom we learned about the Holy Ghost in Primary. Did you hear that guy say the Holy Ghost?" More proof that this kid can listen and does.


Summer said...

So cute. I too am amazed at how much these kids actually listen and understand. Noah STILL cries every time I drop him off (school and church). I thought he'd grow out of it, but he hasn't.

Grant said...

that is amazing! it is more proof what great parents you and Jon are!

Holly Zitting