Friday, January 18, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking!

For all of you professional digital scrapbookers out there (you know who you are)- I need help. Where can I go to learn what to do. Are there websites to download layouts? Are there cd's I can buy? Do I need to buy software? I have photoshop... I think that works. I just want to start getting all of JT's stuff in a book and this looks like a lot more fun than cutting and gluing. Totally would have come in handy when we were doing our adoption profile. Oh well. I would love any help you all could give me. Thanks a bunch!


Jen said... has really fun stuff, and they have a section of stuff that is on sale. I also like, because it has a section of free downloads of papers, etc. Shabby also has a lot of tutorials.

Beau & Stef said... has some way cute stuff,but there isnt much personalizing that you can do.

laceeJ said...

I have used memorymixer and bought the software. I can make dvds, cd-rom copies, print books, etc. My favorite part is the movie clip feature. I always try to take some video with my digital camera (I'm sure your new camera has that feature) and so I have snapshots AND video on my digital scrapbook page and if I want to burn it to a CD then I give them as gifts, also. However, if you want to make an album out of your blog someday, go to and it's free software.

heidi said...

Bridget, My email is

The Meis' Family said...

So I dont know if we are ever going to get this stuff down. Hopefully we will become pros. Also I will let JT get his hands dirty on his birthday, that is the funnest, and cutest part of them is them digging into there cake. Okee Dokee!

Eric and Dall said...

Is my favorite! It lists all the freebies found anywhere on the internet. also if you go to
under tips it will give you the gist of what to do.

I have never bought anything and I have a TON of stuff! and as far as doing your blog you can go to

hopefully this was helpful!