Thursday, January 17, 2008

First tooth!

JT cut his first tooth today! Bottom right (if you are looking at him) The two bottom teeth have been swollen for about a month now. He hasn't been at all ornery or a pain in the butt. :) I guess nothing phases him. The only thing he doesn't like it us trying to look and feel them. He has mastered how to keep us out of his mouth. I swear sometimes this kid is way too smart for his britches. He is so cute with his little white spots. You can see them well in this picture. (by the way... he loves shoes and shoelaces) and we are in love with him.

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heidi said...

I love his little teeth there so cute. I also love the sink pictures below there way cute. His hair really looks like its coming in good.He's so cute. Just wondering if you guys are still sealing him on the 26th and if you guys are planing to bless him the next day. I'm coming up on the 25th and just wondering if I'm going to stay.