Thursday, May 8, 2008

The visitor that gave me a heart attack!

Ok... here is the story first and than I will show you our visitor. Jon went to the dentist yesterday and planned on staying home with JT. So I went into work late. I put JT down for a nap and chilled at my computer. Our dog wanted to go outside so I opened the sliding glass door to let him out. My computer chair is right next to the door. All of the sudden I heard scurrying and saw a flash of something running into my house and behind my computer. I leapt onto my chair and my heart was pounding so fast. The only thing I could think of was that it HAD to have been a mouse. I HATE MICE!!!!!!!!! I stood on my chair for about 5 minutes before I had the guts to look by my computer. There was my visitor... I quickly put up the baby gate between the kitchen and dining room (Jon says it wouldn't have done anything) and went outside. Jon was luckily on his way home and helped get this "thing" out of my house

JT 012

      This is where I stayed while Jon took care of everything.

JT 008

                         Jon working his magic!

JT 011

                           THE CULPRIT!!!! :)


Kim Johnson said...

Too funny! Glad your hubby came to the rescue.

Beau & Stef said...

oh my heck! i would of cried! i hate lizards! you house is adorable by the way! i still need to come see it! is it the same layout as ours?

The Tinney Family said...

LOL I had a frog do that to me but daniel was out of town Im glad your hubby was there to get it! Ehhh I hate to rethink it!