Saturday, April 18, 2009

EaStEr Overload!!!

So I am finally posting about Easter weekend. We had such a wonderful time. My sister Megan surprised us the Sunday before and came home with my parents. We spent all week letting the boys play. We even got a little shopping in and I didn't spend any money. ;) We got up Saturday morning to go to the annual Hurricane Easter Egg hunt. Last year JT wasn't walking yet so we put him in the grass and he munched on the candy. There was so much candy that parents were picking it up after the kids were done. This year it was cold and rainy and when we got there we noticed hardly any candy. Actually they had plastic eggs scattered and a few ziploc bags filled with candy or stuffed animals. Seriously as soon as the fire engine's horn blared we ran out, picked up 2 (yep 2) eggs and it was over. It probably took 3 seconds. The sad thing was... some kids didn't get anything. I will probably never attend again. We ended up having 3 more hunts. JT woke up on Sunday to find what the Easter bunny brought. The "easter bunny" went a little overboard, but JT didn't mind. He got a bubble mower (which he absolutely loves) and yard tools. We have spent a lot of time working in the yard and he now digs and pushes the mower everywhere. There were only 5 eggs hidden and JT found 3 eggs before he saw the lawn mower and than the eggs didn't matter anymore. :) Sunday afternoon we went to my parents where JT was spoiled once again. They did a little hunt in the backyard and he wanted to eat everything as he picked it up. Everyone ended up helping get it all in the basket. We had such a fun time.

Our little GQ ;)

I love this age. He is 22 months now. Seriously where does time go? 2 more months and he will be 2? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! We have already hit the "terribles" :) He gets into everything. He has so much energy that by the end of the night Jon and I are exhausted. I wish I just had a smidget of what he has. He has the best personality and loves to get all the attention. I would not give back any of the 7 years we waited for him. It amazes me how much love I feel for him. Jon and I were talking today that we could have 17 hours or chaos with him and just one smile or one I love you will make it all go away.

Anyway... I have more I want to post about how crazy this weekend was, but it will have to wait because I really need to finish my YW lesson and it is way too late. I couldn't pick just a few pictures so here is a collaboration of our Easter weekend. Enjoy!!!!!!

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Dykstra Family said...

What a handsome little guy! Sounds like you had a great Easter(minus the big hunt!)
Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up?

Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

I love his outfit! Where did you get it?