Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few days of our lives.

Jon surprised me on Friday by finally bringing my piano from my grandma's garage. We inherited it from his mom when they moved to Utah. It is old and a crazy green color, but I am in love with it. It needs some work done. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can get someone to come and look at it. Those of you whoe are piano experts (April) let me know if you prefer anyone. :) I have also said from the first day we saw JT he was going to be a concert pianist. He has long fingers which daddy thinks will be great for basketball or football. I insisted he will also take piano. He loves to sit and play. Look how both hands are playing and he already has great form and technique. It has been a wonderful babysitter. ;) He sat for about an hour on Friday and was entertained the whole time. Not one of JT's strong points (sitting still)

Friday we also got gravel for our driveway and various places in our yard. Thanks to those of you who helped with that. We got it put up against the house and added some flagstone from my parents in front of our side door. It looks nice. We are now waiting to get some equipment to smooth the rest out. I am not really a fan of shovel and wheelbarrow methods. :) It looks so nice. it is crazy what a little bit of gravel will do for ya. I will post a pic when it is all done.

So more JT fun tonight... Have I said I love having a 2 year old? :) Jon and I were in the living room talking and JT was in the kitchen. We both weren't paying attention and all of the sudden I hear what sounds like trash bags. I look over to a roll of trashbags all over the floor. Jon told me to watch because it was going to be funny. He says, " JT, what are you doing? Do I need to come in there?" As Jon is talking JT runs and grabs the roll of bags and runs back into the pantry. Jon again says, "JT what are you doing?" JT walked out of the pantry and grabbed the rest of the bags and put them in the pantry. He then precedes to walk out into the living room like nothing is wrong. Jon had him show him what he was playing with. JT took Jon's finger and dragged him into the kitchen. This is what we found... at least he put the roll back where he got it from. :) Never a dull life.

He was so proud of himself. Notice the lid to the garbage can too. The pantry seems to be JT's favorite spot to cause trouble. It is filled with blenders, toasters, mugs, and anything that shouldn't be touched. He also loves to shut us in or shut himself in and knock. What a character! :) We are so in love with him.


Ty * April said...

Okay, give me a call. I have to much to comment on. I have 2 piano guys that I know of that are good. Also, if you haven't found equipment yet, I can give you Ty's number. They have some equipment in Hurricane right now. (I think still.) I don't know what they charge for operators but if you're interested let me know and I can find out for ya.
* By the way, I am loving the green color on your piano.

Jen said...

I love that last picture of JT raising his arms in triumph over the area he has conquered.

Also, I love the green piano!

NatNeedham said...

Your little guy is sooo cute! My little guy is 2 also... oh the mischief he gets into!!!

NatNeedham said...

Tell april to invite me to her blog!

~Amy~ said...

I love the GREEN piano.... I wouldnt change a thing:) I can never get your blog title to say anything but {.} on my blog list.... so wierd. Oh well.... at least I know who it is:)