Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can you say busy?

Well that is what we are. And that is why I haven't posted. I didn't even post Christmas... I am terrible! :) Oh well... hoping to catch up one of these nights after my house is quiet. Stay tuned... I am sure it will be good stuff.

Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure. Valentines Day is coming up so here is JT in his V-day shirt last year. I can't believe how little he was.


Lacey Jay said...

JT is so stinkin cute! I LOVE his shirt!

I send you all the encouragement I can! The process is draining. Good thing we've both been through it before and know it's worth it. GOOD LUCK! I'm cheering you on:)

Big Mama said...

JT has gotten big! He is so cute! Don't worry, Idon't think I am even caught up from Christmas the previous happens.