Monday, June 23, 2008

Coming soon...

Here is a sneek peek
We had him open Aunt Shauna's presents when we got back from Cali... on his actual birthday. Take One... Daddy's made him cupcakes for his birthday. We had been driving forever that day, but took the time to celebrate with Papa and Gamma. He enjoyed it, can you tell?

So I am hoping to do my big long post tomorrow after work. Sorry for the delay. I have a baby that is teething, a house that was in major need of some TLC (after being gone for awhile), and I have just been stinkin tired. So it is coming I promise. JT's birthday was a success. Now I just have to get used to having a one year old. I am seriously thinking it is time to start the process for another baby... it is just frustrating not knowing which direction to go. It would be much easier if I could just get pregnant. But since that isn't happening... we will just have to trust that the Lord knows what he is doing :) Anyway... sorry for the vent. I am tired and am going to bed. Until tomorrow... I HOPE ;)


Beau & Stef said...

i feel so bad that we werent able to make it to his party! i hope it was fun! did jon get a motorcycle!? i swear i saw him riding one this morning!?

Beau & Stef said...

that will be way nice to have him driving that! i am having a blast being married! it feels like one big long date!...with LOTS of perks ;) haha! so when are we all going to have a BBQ?