Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Out with the old (horrible gas guzzler)
In with the new :) (Honda Accord)
This Jon and I's first brand new car. We are so excited to be done with the Yukon and have something that is reliable. Just in time for a vacation to California next week.


The Meis' Family said...

I am very jealous!! I want a new car.

Beau & Stef said...

so fun! i am hoping we can get a new car in the next few months!

Charity said...

Hi Bridget! It's great to connect with you! Really. Your little boy is so very cute. My husband was adopted from Honduras.
I hardly recognize you, your hair is cute (in all your varieties :) ).
Ohhhh myyy gosh, I'm hooked to Twilght also. I met Stephanie Meyer three weeks ago when she came to SLC. It was really fun hearing her speak and getting my books signed. Do you like the Host? I really loved it! I love to read, which is why I became an English teacher. I'm on goodreads, do you have an account? If so add me as a friend. My email address is charityannsmith@gmail.com.
Thanks for getting in touch! :)

Kim Johnson said...

Very pretty :)

I think I'd cry if you told me the great gas mileage it probably gets. Nothing like having seven kids to force you into a Suburban, hehe.

Kimi said...

Hi Bridget! It's so awesome to get the chance to see how everyone from HHS is doing. I just started a blog for Pat and I. You'll have to check it out. You're little man is so cute!! I also LOVE Stephanie Meyer's books.. have you read all three? Well, Take care.