Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Crazy Lives!!!

These are going to be long posts. Bear with me :) I will post about our vacation first and than a post dedicated to JT's birthday.

We went to Jon's Grandmas funeral Monday after work. That was after our crazy weekend. We were both exhausted and after crying for a full day we were ready for a vacation. On the way home from the funeral JT threw up everywhere in the car and started to act lethargic. He wouldn't drink or eat. He just layed there the whole way home. (I actually held him for the last hour) So we get home at 11 and hadn't packed for California, but we were so tired we just went to bed. We were supposed to leave at 8:30 the next morning, but I talked my parents into waiting so I could take JT to the Dr. The diagnosis was  "Stomach Flu" Yuck!!! They gave him a shot of Phenergan and he slept the whole drive to Cali... which was nice.

Ok... now on to our vacation. Thursday we went to Sea World. JT was still not himself, but we had fun until 4 hours into it and Jon started to throw up. So he took the hotel shuttle back and we stayed until closing. I loved Sea World. Probably even more than Disneyland. JT loved it too. He started to act like himself later in the day and was enjoying all the animals.  Our passes are good all year so we will probably be going back later this year just the 3 of us.

California & JT B-day 030

Watching Shamu. It was so hot and JT was not very happy having to wait.

California & JT B-day 031 California & JT B-day 048

California & JT B-day 050

Clapping for the dolphins!!! He was so cute to watch.

So Friday we decided to venture to Old Town San Diego. There are a million little mexican shops, a victorian village, and the Mormon Battalion museum. Jon was feeling much better this day, but poor Megan (my little sis) got the bug and once we got home she went to bed for the rest of the day. Friday night Jon took JT swimming for the first time. Now I have to say that California is supposed to be nice weather. The whole time we were there I don't think it got about 75. So swimming wasn't that fun and the pool was cold, but JT had fun.

California & JT B-day 062

Our family minus Kellan's girlfriend Bridgette (she is taking the picture)

California & JT B-day 068

We begged Daddy to let us buy this hat. Can you tell that JT loved it :) This is about the only picture I got of anything Mexican. I didn't do too well with my camera :)

California & JT B-day 083

Splashing :)

California & JT B-day 081

My two favorite boys!!!

Saturday we decided it was beach time. IT WAS COLD... but we were all determined to have a good time. So we packed up our stuff, put on our swimming suits and headed for the beach. We got there and I had to buy a sweatshirt because it was so cold and Jon had decided beforehand that he wasn't going to swim. After seeing all the guys in the water he went and bought a new swimsuit and I am glad he did because he had a blast. So did JT for the time he was awake. He played for about an hour and than crashed in his stroller. After the beach we hung out at home. I swam with Megan and DJ and just relaxed as a family.

California & JT B-day 002Dad! It's Cold

California & JT B-day 006 He loves his daddy!!

California & JT B-day 107 Look at those cute teeth!

California & JT B-day 012

This is the new fad! :) Head stands are his new  favorite thing to do. I couldn't believe how well the sand stuck to his head. Even after a shower I was still finding sand.

So Sunday we got all packed up and headed for home. We didn't even get to the grocery store for supplies and my nephew Trey threw up. Poor thing threw up about 10 more times on the way home. We also hit an accident outside of Primm and went about 5 miles in about an hour. Our 7 hour trip took about 10 and we were so tired when we got home, but we made cupcakes and had a small celebration for JT since it was his birthday with Gamma and Papa. After opening presents from Aunt Shauna, Uncle Lawrence, and Lavinia... we went to bed! I have never slept sooooooo well.

We had so much fun being together as a family. There were little fights here and there and having the flu wasn't fun, but just getting away from work and the stresses of life made it all worth it. Just a follow-up... my dad got the flu on Wednesday and luckily no one else got it. Thank goodness. :) Now we are all just dealing with teeth coming in.


heidi said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. I love sea world. Thats sucks everyone got sick . But atleast you uys had fun.

Stacy said...

That sounds like quite the vacation! I love the sand mow-hawk picture! Oliver loves headstands too! JT is soooooo adorable. He has the best little smile. Why does it seem like everyone always get sick on vacation???

Wright Family said...

I'm glad that you were able to have a good time inspite of the sickness. I think that it has finally left our household. We had it off and on since the end of May, yuck.
Happy Belated B-day JT.