Monday, November 21, 2011

I know I know... I suck!

Day #18

Hurricane Tiger Football!!!
State Champions!!!

Oh what a day! We left early Friday morning to head up North for the game.
It was supposed to be cold with the possibility of snow so we brought everything we could to keep us warm, including ponchos.
After dropping JT off with Jon's parents we headed up to see my Great Grandma Latham.
She will have a post of her own.
We met the rest of our group to eat and off to the game we went.
As soon as we got to Rice-Eccles Stadium it started to snow.
So we bundled up and put on our ponchos.

I stayed warm until the last minute when I got up to cheer after we won!!!!!
This championship was a long time coming.
After losing to Juan Diego 3 years in a row, Hurricane was able to play
Desert Hills... who just happens to be from down here.
It was an amazing game and our boys played their hearts out.
I am so glad we were able to experience this with all of our family and friends!

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Sara Soda said...

Yay Tigers! I was so disappointed not to be there for the big win. But I got to watch online and started crying when they won and were celebrating... ha ha. Football is so emotional. :)