Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oops... Day 2 & 3

So I never promised that I would be perfect at posting every day.
This probably won't be the only time that days are together! ;)
That being said... here is day 2 & 3.

2- My boys...

They are my life. I honestly wouldn't be the same without them.
Jon and I have been through so much and our relationship is stronger than ever.
JT is cRaZy... but I can't imagine my life without him.
He is the most amazing little man ever!!!

3- My parents...

If you don't know my parents... you are missing out!
They are the most amazing people in the world.
The best parents that anyone could have!!!!!
It is mainly because of my parents that JT is in our lives.
I am so so so grateful for everything that they do...
and they do whatever they can for all of us kids.

I love you mom and dad!!!!!

1 comment:

The Lemmon's said...

You do have amazing parents! I love that they say hi to me whenever I see them and feel like they truly care about how I am doing.