Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look at this cute little face!!!

He is so ready to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!
Please keep your eyes and ears open and spread the word about our little family.

We also have pass-a-long cards now so if you me to mail you some, I would love to!
You never know when you might come across someone that knows of someone else that is thinking about adoption and if you had a pass-a-long card you could give it to them. :) (Send your address to my email and I will get cards in the mail!
Thank you so all of our friends and family who continue to pray for our family. This has been a crazy ride, but with the Lord on our side anything is possible!


Ty * April said...

such a smart idea. You are right, you never know if people are considering adoption. One time, Melissa was talking to a girl at Dillards who was pregnant and come to find out she was putting it up for adoption. She got all her information because she was willing to consider us. She was going through LDS services and because we had just adopted Madi we couldn't even be considered even though she had been with us over a year and a half at that point. It was so frustrating but at this point I know it was the right thing. But you never know when someone might be looking. Okay, sorry for the long story. Keep being positive. Still praying for ya.

Robin Sant said...

I love how cute your pass along card turned out. You are amazing!!