Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today, I am tired...

Tired of working.
Tired of not being with my little man all day.
Tired of school.
But mostly... tired of waiting!

Today is my down day.
I don't have them as often as I used to.
For those of you who think I have a great attitude... Thank you.
This just goes to show I am not perfect.

I am grateful that the Lord let's us have bad days once in awhile.
On bad days my arms feel empty and ache.
My brain won't shut off.
I think all day about our next baby.
Where is our birth mother?
How is she doing?
Will we hear anything soon?
When will we be chosen?

These days bring me to my knees.
Please help me get through this day.
Pleading to take it all away.

So today... I cry, but tomorrow I will be back to me... hopefully! ;0)

1 comment:

Grant said...

i am sorry that your having such a rough time, all i can say on these bad days hug your little guy and pray for peace-i am keeping you all in my prayers and i pray that you find a new little member to your eternal family soon! love you!