Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun Weekends

We have had a few crazy weekends. I didn't take pictures of the first one which is sad because Jon's sister lives with his parents and the kids played so well together. Plus we have a new nephew who is soooo adorable.
Last weekend we spent Saturday in Vegas with Ramsey and Shaunie shopping and walking around. I took the camera, but only took one picture with my phone. I need to get better with pictures.

We had so much fun. Bass Pro Shops, Factory Outlets, Planet Hollywood, H&M, and PF Changs. Seriously what could be better. A day with people we love without the kidlets. :)

Look at this gummy bear!
We picked it up at the Sugar Factory in Vegas. JT loves it!

We were supposed to head up north on Sunday for the Jazz vs celtics game, but the weather was bad so we waited until Monday morning. It turned out to be a long day. We left at about 10 and got home at 3 AM!!! We had so much fun. JT had a blast, but we won't be taking him to another game for a few years. That is just too much time for a little one to stay still.

This kid just melts my heart!

Such a cheeser!
Daddy only got 1/2 of the statue!
Momma cut off Stockton's head. :)

JT's favorite part of the game... the blimp.

My amazing boys.
We took pictures with Jon's phone... I really should have just brought the camera so I could zoom. :(
Raja Bell!!!

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